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SIZE FIVE is a BAFTA-winning indie video game developer.

You can check out the games we've made below, find out a little more about us here, or join in our snazzy forums here.

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// Welcome to Size Five Games!

LATEST NEWS: We announced a standalone Dan and Ben Adventure Game, LAIR OF THE CLOCKWORK GOD.

[Please watch the trailer and, importantly, wishlist it on Steam!]


Hello there! Welcome to SIZE FIVE: purveyors of fine electronic entertainment, beamed directly into your eyes and brain via the technological marvel of The Internet. We make the fifth size of game, whatever that means.

SIZE FIVE was rather inventively set up at the very peak of the Global Economic Meltdown by part-time Indie developer and full-time against-the-grain specialist Dan Marshall. It started out life as Zombie Cow Studios, before the crashing realisation that that is a horrible name, and we changed it for something much less stupid.

We make comedy games, one of which won us a BAFTA.

If you’re interested in what’s happening, behind the scenes, it’s mostly tea and programming, but sometimes an interesting thing happens: here’s the DEV BLOG!

We love hearing from people, honest we do – whether you’re providing feedback for one of our games, have gotten yourself into a pickle of some sort, or simply want to say hello, the best thing to do is to drop a line to, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also keep up to date with Size Five stuff via ‘The Twitter’: It’s sometimes quite funny.

Failing that, if you’re lonely and looking for someone to chat to, you could always sign up for our AMAZING forums and type all your worries away over there. Popular things to discuss are games, movies, TV shows and things in life that are rather crappy. Have fun!

Because we’re all about letting people know we exist in the most annoying way possible, we’d really appreciate it if you could have a little click of our LIKE button for The Size Five Facebook Page: